Josephine County is “re-opening”




Josephine County is “re-opening”

Our County is “re-opening”. Does that mean that we flick a switch and everything goes back to what it was? NO.

Learn what the rules and support them. We want to pass this first phase so that we can take the next step.

Lots to read here. If an establishment isn’t following the Phase 1 rules, don’t go there.


Reopening Guidance for the Public

Mask and Face Covering Guidance for Business, Transit and the Public

General Guidance for Employers

Retail Stores

Child Care Operations

Transit Agencies

School Aged Summertime Day Camps

NOW… For Josephine County and other Counties that are allowed to be in Phase 1:

Personal Services Providers

Restaurants and Bars

Shopping Centers and Malls

Fitness-related Organizations

Even more information here and here. And here is Josephine County’s COVID-19 page.

Lots to read… Be informed! We want to succeed in getting through this and getting to Phase 2!

And by the way… there are jobs available in becoming a contact tracer:

If you have a concern about a particular store, restaurant, gym, barber, hair-cutter, etc… contact Josephine County Public Health confidential line: (541) 474-5347 and Oregon Health Authority at 971-673-1222 or

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