Saving America




Saving America

Here is my humble strategy to create a kinder, healthier, better America. First, how is it fair and just by any stretch of the imagination, that the most powerful elected position in America – the Presidency, isn’t elected by the popular vote?

Mayors are elected by popular vote; so are governors, representatives, and senators. Why is the office of president any different? Sure, you can argue that the founding fathers of America set up the Electoral College, and that’s the way our Constitution wants it to be.

What if the Electoral College is broken, flawed, and rigged against the true will of the American people? For example, the founding Fathers never debated the “winner-take-all” system that is presently used by 48 of our 50 states via the Electoral College to elect a president by a mere 270 or more votes. Why should 270 votes count more than millions and millions of Americans?

Is the Electoral College wiser than all of us? Are we equal or unequal? Are we free to determine the fate of our country or not? Should we trust a president who has a hand on the nuclear trigger, and doesn’t have the support of the majority of Americans? Does this really make sense to you?

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No Ban. No Wall. Stand for Human Rights. National Healthcare Now. National Popular Vote. Resist!

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