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Be a Precinct Committee Person!

If you would like to see Josephine County become a more progressive, healthier place to live you are not alone. If you feel your community leaders don’t reflect your values there is something you can do with others to help.

If you want to help make your community a place where all voices are heard instead of just a chosen few and use your talents to make a difference this is what you can do. The first step is becoming a registered Democrat if you aren’t already one.

The next is to become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) in your neighborhood. If you are unfamiliar with how a political party works there are people who will welcome and help you become familiar with its organization.

As a PCP you will help select the leaders of the party or become one yourself. You’ll be eligible to pursue an issue you’re passionate about by joining a caucus or committee. You’ll also find out how you can add your voice to those in your congressional district and state Democratic Party.

PCPs are the backbone of local Democratic parties and can chose from a variety of activities that range from encouraging your Democratic neighbors to vote to running for election yourself.

Change happens when people work together. Become a PCP and discover how satisfying it can be to say “I helped the Democratic process work.” It’s grass-roots patriotism at its best. Sign Up Now

Main Duties of PCPs are:

  • Attend monthly meetings of the Josephine County Democratic Party, and any Committees or Caucuses you volunteer to join.
  • Elect officers of the local party and delegates to Congressional District and the State Committees.
  • Represent the Party at the Precinct level.