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Democratic Lunch: May 30th

Climate City Brewing; 509 SW G St; Grants Pass

In our hotly divided political world, does anyone think there’s a better way? Democrats will be exploring this at their May 30 luncheon, noon, at Climate City in Grants Pass. Dee Mahannah, of the Council of Elders, a group promoting the importance of civil discourse using active listening, empathy and respect, will be speaker. She will also talk about the Better Angels, a national organization promoting civil discourse. In addition, Mahannah and her organization are planning workshops where conservatives and liberals can meet for facilitated discussions aimed at giving each side a better understanding of how they can work together for community improvement. The public is welcome to attend.


514 NE 7th St (corner 7th and C)
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Currently CLOSED due to Covid
Open by appointment, call the number above.

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