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Freedom Cities Plan

Summary of ACLU’s Freedom Cities Campaign:

As the chair of the Resist Committee for the Josephine County Democrats, I had the honor and privilege to make this proposal to several of our local political action groups.

“President Trump is seeking to recruit and where that fails, compel local law enforcement officials to help his administration pursue its mass deportation agenda.”

“In response, ACLU is launching an ambitious campaign called Freedom Cities. Immigration will be the first battle they wage, but many others are coming.”

“ACLU is trying to roll back the Trump administration’s worst abuses by enlisting local grassroots activists like us.” They will take the fight to the courts; we can take the fight to city hall.

The plan is very simple. Meet with local law enforcement, city, or county or public officials. Ask them to endorse the following Nine “Model” state and law enforcement policies and rules:

#1. The Judicial Warrant Rule.

#2. No Facilitation Rule.

#3. Clear Identification Rule.

#4. Don’t ask Rule.

#5. Privacy Protection Rule.

#6. Defined Access/Interview Rule.

#7. Discriminatory Surveillance Prohibition Rule.

#8. Redress Rule.

#9. Fair and Impartial Policing Rule.

In other words, we ask local public official to adopt these rules of the Freedom Cities. If they refuse, we send a form to the ACLU reporting their refusal. And we proceed with a variety of tactics. to pressure local officials to comply.

Feel free to download the complete Freedom City Plan here: https://www.peoplepower.org/

How do you feel about joining with us to put the Freedom City Plan into action? Contact me via:


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