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January Meeting – Panel on Measure 101

Heads Up! January Meeting. . .

Speakers Panel on Ballot Measure 101- & January 23, 2018 Special Election

Josephine County Democrat’s Meeting
Tuesday, January 9 6:30pm at UU Center, 129 NW E Street

Josh Balloch, All Care Health
Lisa Callahan, NP Pediatrics
Constance Palaia, Business owner
David Smith: moderator

The Oregon Democratic Party and over 70 Oregon organizations have taken a position in favor of Measure 101.
Attend this meeting to hear why a “YES Vote” is so critical

A Yes vote means:

  • Every Oregon child has access to healthcare
  • Working families, seniors, and people with disabilities keep the care they need*healthcare costs are stabilized
  • State and federal matching funds are mainta

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