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Petition Against Proposed Josephine County Firearms Ordinance

At our next JoCo Dems meeting on Tuesday, June 12, members will be asked to individually sign and also vote to officially adopt the following petition:

Josephine County Commissioners have proposed an unnecessary and ill-considered anti-gun control ordinance which, in its initial draft, would prohibit the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office from “investigating, detecting, apprehending or incarcerating persons whose only violation of the law is to carry, manufacture, import, possess, purchase, sell or transfer firearms or firearm-related items.”

This proposed ordinance is an effort to make an end run around possible passage of state Initiative Petition 43. IP 43 is a very reasonable petition which will ban the sale of certain semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines, and require anyone who currently owns such weapons to either register them with the state or get rid of them.

We need to let our county commissioners know that the proposed county ordinance is an extreme measure that does not represent what is good for our county. It cuts off healthy discussion and discounts reasonable controls for keeping us and our children safe from gun violence.

Please add your name to this petition against the proposed Josephine County Firearms Ordinance.

NOTE: We don’t know yet when this ordinance will come up for a vote, but we’ll let people know as soon as we do. We will present the petition at the meeting, and we’re also hoping we can get a good showing of people to attend and speak against the ordinance.


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