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Arden McConnell
Women\’s Luncheon 1/19/2017

Joined Governor Jerry Brown’s senior staff while on the transition team and was appointed as Legislative Assistant when he first took office. Stayed both terms.

Assignment: Lobby the Governor’s bills through the Legislature on the Senate side.

Had several other projects when the Legislature was not in session. Projects: Governor’s first Inauguration; annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast (each January when the Legislature returned ); ”California Welcomes Home the Iranian Hostages;” “California Celebrates the Whale” – a statewide event to save the Gray Whales that were approaching extinction – that event brought three international whale harvesting countries to agree to hold a moratorium on killing whales. Gray Whales are now abundant and can be thrillingly seen up and down the Pacific Coast. Directed several other events.

Hosted a radio talk show on KFBK in Sacramento.

Worked on further campaigns for Jerry Brown for US Senate and President.

Also worked for Governor Gray Davis as his Northern California Finance Director