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Support Measure 101 in 1/23/18 Election

Democratic Party of Oregon in October passed a Resolution in support of Healthcare Protections Bill. That resolution is here.

Reading this resolution is very confusing. Here is a summary explanation:

  • The Healthcare Protection Bill (HB 2391) was the bipartisan legislation passed that included assessment of fees on hospitals and insurance for the state to have the funds to maintain OHP (Medicaid)
  • The OR Association of Hospitals, Health Systems, Medical Association, and other health service providers were in support.
  • There is a special election on 1/23/18 for Measure 101 (renamed from Referendum 301 since the DPO passed this support)
  • A “yes” vote on maintains these assessments which will fully fund OHP
  • A “no” vote removes them leaving a hole in the state funds for OHP

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