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What Can You Do to Reduce Plastic Waste, Improve the Environment, and Save Wildlife from a Horrible Death

Will Oregon become the second state to ban plastic shopping bags?

Right now there is a bill in the Oregon House Committee On Energy and Environment, HB2509, to ban single-use plastic shopping bags from being used in the State of Oregon. This would be a big step in reducing the huge amounts of plastic accumulating in our oceans and killing wildlife.

What can you do? Call, write, or email your Oregon state representatives and tell them you strongly support this bill. Ask your representatives to insist that it be brought up for vote and that they vote to pass it.

If you value your planet, this is a good start in trying to reverse, or at least slow down, the damage we have already done. This isn’t about blame. At one time we all thought plastic bags were great. They are economical, light weight, and convenient. Now we know the damage they do. Let’s do something about it! Many of us already bring our own reusable shopping bags with us to the grocery store. It seems inconvenient at first, but it becomes a habit. In this case, a very good habit.

Let’s do our part! Let’s contact our state representatives and ask them to do their part! Ask them to vote yes on HB2509. How do you contact them? Here is a link to the contact information for each of our representatives.


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