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Why HB2020 is/was good for Rural Oregon

Yep, it was the lack of support from Rural Oregon that supposedly caused our local Republican Senators to leave the state to prevent having a quorum in the Oregon Senate during a possible vote for HB2020.

But, there are advantages to Rural Oregon if that bill had passed. Read it: Why 2020 is Good for Rural Oregon

Here is something from Vox describing HB2020

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  1. Anita Savio
    September 15, 2019 @ 12:32 pm

    A suggestion: For people who are not fully immersed in environmental issues your very long and full and complete list is a challenging read. Personally, I lost patience about half way down the first page. Depending on whom you’re hoping to inform with this post, you might want to consider a shorter list with headings and subheadings and lots of white space.


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